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Originally Posted by ptack View Post
If they can get this "car czar" to do a non-bancrupcy court restructuring (legally impossible?), then they have a chance of surviving long term. Anything less is wasted money. Chrysler, frankly may deserve nothing at all unless they go public again.

Right now Chrysler's product offerings are so weak I have to think it will take a fortune to return them to profitability. Their interiors are still just as bad as they were 10 years ago IMO, and they just keep using the parts on their new cars. The Challenger has a ton of bad interior parts (mainly the switchgear and steering wheel) that are carried over from the Charger/300.

I go through two or three rental cars a month, so I get to sample a lot of stuff first hand. Right now I feel like GM and Ford are both offering decent quality and good value, even if the vehicles still have some shortcomings. I hate having a Chrysler product as a rental though. I actually completely refuse to take a PT Cruiser.