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Originally Posted by sethchan View Post
Unfortunately, there are idiots who think that unions are a big part of the problem, when everyone knows that the German and the Japanese unions are much more powerful that UAW. In Germany, companies typically have to give IG Metall workers one year's severance pay, to give just one example.

Nor do these UAW critics ever acknowledge the fact that it's pretty tough to demand more productivity out of someone getting 25 dollars an hour when the CEO is getting paid 25,000 dollars an hour AND getting a multi-million-dollar golden parachute after his 25,000-dollar-an-hour expertise turns out to be worthless.

But lots of people seem to think that seeing something happen on an assembly line translates into understanding how a global industry works.

Idiots huh?

What union do you work for by the way? Only another union member would blindly support the idiocy that is the UAW today.

No one EVER said that managment didn't bear a lot of the blame in this situation. I'm not so sure why that seems to be left out of your responses in every thread like this. You are intent on convincing people the UAW isn't the problem, but the reality is, anyone working in the industry KNOWS they're part of the problem. It's not even open for debate. Comparing salaries to workers in other countries is completely useless. There are a million different variable that come into play, including taxation, health care, retirement benefits, and cost of living. Why you insist on using workers in other countries as examples of why the UAW is Ok is beyond anything I can understand.

I've worked in dozens of union plants that run smoothly. I've NEVER been in UAW plant that did. The problem isn't unions in general, it's THIS union.