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Yeah - parts prices and eventual maintenance will be a real pain.

Did you know that ol' Harry Miller used to use a foundry for his engine blocks in the east bay area, Berkley IIRC.

Indulge my passion for US racing cars for just a moment. Harry Miller came out of LA and rebuilt Wild Bill Burman's Peugeot engine in 1915 (the Peugeot GP car that won Indy in 1914 and had a DOHC valvetrain). Miller rebuilt it and used it as inspiration for his engines. Won a few Indy races with them in his cars.

But it was a 151 cu in marine engine that Miller made that is recognizable to most. That became the basis for the Offenhauser engine which dominated Indy up into the seventies. (Offenhauser was Miller's shop foreman and ended up purchasing the Miller works when Miller went into bankruptcy.)

Thanks for putting up with this digression. ; -)