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I guess I am not sure what you mean by a "car guy" exactly.

I feel that I am a "car guy", but let's see if my definition meets anyone elses. I spend most of my valuable non-work time driving my cars to and from and on the tracks, instructing people in how to drive better, etc. When I want to make my car do something that it won't, like turn-in faster or exit a corner with more speed, I research and buy the parts, put them on the car and continue to work on the settings. I don't just modify a car for the sake of bragging about it, I want to be able to use what I change and I do it for me. To through parts at a car is uneducated in my opinion.

I spend other weekends cleaning and detailing the cars.

I sometimes hang out with friends and we talk cars, watch racing and wrench on them. I have no interest in sitting in a circle and drinking beer telling kill stories or street racing.

I want a car that will do everything well. Straigthtline speed means very little to me as a whole.

I am more concerned with what I can do with the car than what the car can theoretically do in a perfect world. Stats mean very little also.

Anyone else?
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