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Originally Posted by rcracer_tx View Post
Yeah, I know what you mean. I used to work at a shop that tuned RX7's and Supras, and a decent amount of the people knew what they were talking about on those forums that actually owned cars. Here it seems that it is more of a civic forum where many are childish and claiming things without any knowledge on tuning cars.
Though I may not know as much as most of you I disagree with your comment comparing this forum to a civic forum. A civic forum common?!? It is no where near that bad, I actually like this place because the flaming is kept to a strict minimum and there are no "bro I beat this kid on a moped in my civic" kill stories allowed. :smile:

This is my first car forum being on as an actual owner of the make & model and I would not want to be anywhere else. The amount of knowledge I have gained about my car and engine from this forum is invaluable. Me having no previous experience with modifying cars this place is great. For some of you who have already gone well above what has been accomplished with our cars, with other cars of course, it might seem like repeating a grade in school but I think it is what's so great about the community. We get to watch our platform grow because of us. I am not saying this place is a perfect Mecca but it is a very helpful community filled with some great members.