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Originally Posted by ronnyek View Post
I come from a background of muscle cars like camaros and mustangs, as well as imports stis,evos,supras etc...

My move to BMW was for mainly because of what the 135i/n54 was... and that is a relatively affordable luxury sport. Its todays supra (not claiming it necessarily has the tuning potential of the 2jz).

Anyhow, I've got to say now that I am here... it seems like the tuning community, bmw enthusiasts etc IN GENERAL, are first most bmw enthusiasts, and then secondly performance and tuning.

I've seen some of the worst advice being given, and uneducated answers being given as fact.

I love my 135i but really finding the community lacking... any other converts feel the same way?
Originally Posted by ronnyek View Post
I said, I love my 135i, I hate the community... seems like its not the typical pack of car guys that actually know what there talking about... just a rant tho nevermind me
Originally Posted by mbrunner View Post
I will agree with the original poster. There is good advice given on BMW forums but also a lot of uninformed nonsense to go along with it. I have never been in a car community where a lot of people do not and cannot wrench on their cars.I also find some enthusiasts come off with an elitest attitude but of course tis isnt true for everyone and is even true for other forums. I just tend to notice it more in the BMW world. it wont keep me away but the OP is not alone here.
Originally Posted by rcracer_tx View Post
Yeah, I know what you mean. I used to work at a shop that tuned RX7's and Supras, and a decent amount of the people knew what they were talking about on those forums that actually owned cars. Here it seems that it is more of a civic forum where many are childish and claiming things without any knowledge on tuning cars.
Originally Posted by adrean8j View Post
I agree that misinformation can be frustrating and misleading. I consider myself a car guy but also a "noob" to many of the details when it comes to engines and tuning. So what do I do to learn? I focus on the posts by guys like: WAY, atr_hugo, LarryN to name a few. The others...I take with a grain of salt. Another thing I am doing to "become" that car guy is educating myself. Within the last six months I have bought books and magazines that focus on details: Forced Induction Performance Tuning, Modern Engine Tuning (A. Graham Bell, Haynes Publishing), the Tech Tidbits Column from Road & Track to name a couple. Education is the best way to turn enthusiasts into so-called "real" car guys.
I agre with all of these. This site has become better though. When I first signed up it was a real mess.

There doesn't seem to be as much technical discussion here as there is on other sites.