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Originally Posted by adrean8j View Post
I agree that misinformation can be frustrating and misleading. I consider myself a car guy but also a "noob" to many of the details when it comes to engines and tuning. So what do I do to learn? I focus on the posts by guys like: WAY, atr_hugo, LarryN to name a few. The others...I take with a grain of salt. Another thing I am doing to "become" that car guy is educating myself. Within the last six months I have bought books and magazines that focus on details: Forced Induction Performance Tuning, Modern Engine Tuning (A. Graham Bell, Haynes Publishing), the Tech Tidbits Column from Road & Track to name a couple. Education is the best way to turn enthusiasts into so-called "real" car guys.
We are not talking about members like you. You are asking legitimate questions and not posting the same questions that were answered 3 threads down. you have asked many questions that I was going to and have been a good contributing member to the forum. Nobody knows everything about a car, and it is fine to ask questions about things that haven't already been discussed.