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I feel the same way too. When I go into to test drive a car on my short list I have done a little research by that time and know about the car I am testing. 9 out of 10 times the SA starts talking BS about the car and I can tell he has no clue. In my career field there are no glossy brochures that are going to inform me about my job so I would expect someone in auto sales would be eager to learn with the information sitting in from of them.

When I bought my 135i my SA had another appointment so he put me with another SA. The guy was writing up my order for a 135i using the 128i vert options sheet. I noticed it and I was reading it upside down, the SA had no clue and looked very unprofessional fumbling around. He even went away and came back scratching his head looking over his order book trying to figure out why things did not match up. I finally showed him he was using the 128i vert options sheet to configure my 135i. What scares me is the same person that hired this clown most likely hired the mechanic that works on my car.

BTW we are going to bail out the US auto industry so these people can keep their jobs. How does that make you feel?:wink:
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