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Originally Posted by r3amir
Today, I received an email from UK saying that I have won M5 sedan and 500K pounds in BMW promotions, a lottery by random email search. They want me to contact a Barrister with some personal data.

I am confused, is this a scam? Should I reply to the email or ignore it? Have anybody of you heard about such promotions? I need your input.
If you win a competition you didn't enter - it's a scam.

I've never heard of any competition where you need to provide personal information to a solicitor.

If they are asking you to contact a barrister then even the terminology is wrong.

In the UK solicitors deal with legal matters in terms of contracts and other documentation. They also represent people in magistrates courts (minor offenses). Barristers are the guys in the wigs who represent people (or prosecute them) in criminal courts (the high court).

There is no reason at all why a barrister would be involved in a competition.