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Originally Posted by Gripster
It is annoying, but I'm pleased with the phone overall and given that it mostly works, I'm keeping it for now. fwiw - I bought an unlocked phone from
I wish I felt the same way. I like the phone, but I've never been able to get it to work placing calls through my BMW's Bluetooth kit, so I've given up. To me, the phone has to work 100% in order for me to consider keeping it. Even 90% of the time would be too annoying for me.

So, I went out and purchased a Nokia 6126 (the same, as the 6131 and 6133 elsewhere on this planet). Works flawlessly. The phone isn't as MP3 friendly, the camera isn't as good, and it's a flip-phone (which I'm not a huge fan of) but it works. Plain and simple. The phone's UI is very quick, and the screen is nicer than the w810i, so from that perspective, it's a win.

If anyone is interested in getting this phone, rest assured it works with the BMW non-iDrive Bluetooth handsfree kit.