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New Family Member! =)

As I posted the other day in the leasing thread, we were looking at the rates for different cars that BMWNA is offering this month because we're doing a lease return, and we ended up taking one off the dealer's hands. *grin*

This is our new baby... I named her "Mercedes" (what?! you don't name your cars?!) after my late grandmother. But I'm also relishing the irony tremendously. More pictures I'm sure, when it stops raining.

The closest I can get to showing you my driveway...

I think that perhaps threads like this are the reason I don't visit E90Fanatics or E46Fanatics anymore.

Guy #1: "Hanz, I know zee window switches have always been next to zee shifter in zee 3er cars, but I think ve should move them to zee door!"
Guy #2: "But zee doors are already designed and ve do not have time to re-design them!"
Guy #1: "Just make it verk or you vill be verking over at VW!"