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Originally Posted by oneshare325
3.0i or si? how do you have it equipped?
3.0i. The only option is the power top. It was mostly a coincidence. They had just taken her off the semi when we got there (test drove it with cardboard still in place and everything), and they had a good lease deal for her since she's among the last of the '06s. After seeing that all the other Z4's in stock were loaded to the brim with options, it was a done deal.
The closest I can get to showing you my driveway...

I think that perhaps threads like this are the reason I don't visit E90Fanatics or E46Fanatics anymore.

Guy #1: "Hanz, I know zee window switches have always been next to zee shifter in zee 3er cars, but I think ve should move them to zee door!"
Guy #2: "But zee doors are already designed and ve do not have time to re-design them!"
Guy #1: "Just make it verk or you vill be verking over at VW!"