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Originally Posted by BMW320i
OMG that car is B-E-A-utiful!!

i luv Z4 alot

how does it feel moving from 2+2 seats to just 2 ?? and how's the Z4 power and driving??
thanks. it feels a bit awkward going from a four-seater (well, I frequently stuffed five in the E46 but...) to a two-seater, so it's going to take me a while to get completely used to it... but I am loving the car... power isn't amazing but it's quite adequate.

it's not broken in yet so I haven't been able to flex the engine all that much, but from what i can tell it's a couple tenths slower than our E90 330i with steptronic. and it's much lower, lighter, and just tauter in general than the E46 was, even though the E46 had the sport package and the Z4 does not.
The closest I can get to showing you my driveway...

I think that perhaps threads like this are the reason I don't visit E90Fanatics or E46Fanatics anymore.

Guy #1: "Hanz, I know zee window switches have always been next to zee shifter in zee 3er cars, but I think ve should move them to zee door!"
Guy #2: "But zee doors are already designed and ve do not have time to re-design them!"
Guy #1: "Just make it verk or you vill be verking over at VW!"

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