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Originally Posted by DerekS
After seeing Poplar grey in real life, I have to agree with Arbitrage, the real colour is very dark grey with some very tiny areas of brown. An accurate description of this trim would be to describe it as charcoal or anthracite. It's similar to the anthracite maple found in the 5 series, but the poplar grain is more varied than the maple. The 2nd so called real life photo is not even close to the poplar grey that I saw. This photo depicts dominant brown tones, instead of dominant grey for the actual trim.
Well for what it's worth, when I saw Gray Poplar just the other day, it looked more like the "real life photo" than anything else. It definitely came across to be as a dark, muddied brown than gray.

Maybe people just have different perceptions of the color. The fact that they outright call it "Gray" probably doesn't help either.