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Exclamation PROcede+Methanol Injection+91oct Initial dyno results

STD Corrected peak power (at ~5900rpm): 417whp/396lbft Uncorrected: 425whp/405lbft
Max Boost: 15psi as per datalog. 14.5psi on the gauge.
Max Wastegate DC: 63%
Power at 6700rpm (just before rev limit induced throttle closure): 400whp

Points of interest:

-This is on our shop car with full stg 3 mods (Helix FMIC, full catless dp/exhausts and vishnu intakes)

-The knock surpression characteristics of methanol are, as expected, excellent. I'm actually using the PROcede to ADD ignition advance under boost.

-When methanol is injecting under boost, IATs actually drop from ~25 deg C to 11 deg C.

-Ignition system is showing it's limitations above 6500rpm due to charge density and power output. Will sometimes get a high RPM misfire. I have some upgraded spark plugs that I'm going to try next. Yes, they are gap-able

-I've mapped all the fuel pressure, timing, and fuel maps so that the stock DME's adaptation values are what they would be when running straight 91oct on the pump gas map. This means that in the case of a meth injection failure, the PROcede will immediately switch map and the ECU shouldn't even hiccup/knock/require adaption for safe running/etc,. I'm not gutsy enough to try it just yet though

-Once I test the failsafe system to work properly, I'm going to try a larger jet and go for a bit more power. Then I'm going to make a Meth+Race gas map and see how much power the car will make.

But so far, I'm happy with the results. It's making the same power as we've made with straight MS109 race gas. But with even better consistency, cooler intake charge, lower calculated fuel consumption (to avoid triggering warranty code) and LESS boost. If we can make it safe to run, it's a big win/win. Even after 20 runs, the meth level in the trunk-mounted tank didn't drop visibly.

Here are some dyno results...

Uncorrected results:

STD Corrected results:

And, for those who care, this is with smoothing set to zero:

Here's a PROcede datalog of one of those runs:

Here's a OBD2 log of ignition timing vs. RPM:


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