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Originally Posted by shiv@vishnu View Post
I could do a 93oct tune but there will be no difference. The octane enhancing effect of the meth is that significant. Not even worth distinguishing between 91 and 93oct. And the kit is fully progressive. Not going to disclose anything more than the current jet size at this time (it's an m7). Once we are done, we'll list all the specs (pump pressure, initial injection psi, full injection psi, failsafe trigger threshold, etc,. That way people can either buy our methanol kit or piece together their own that fit the same exact specs.


PS. Just drove the car home from the dyno shop. And by god, is it fasts. Faster and more responsive than the full-on MS109 race gas tune. And with perfect run-to-run consistency and complete immunity to heatsoak. And the transition from off-meth to on-meth is perfectly transparent.
Can you show the datalog of the IAT for the dyno pull? Possibly against rpm and boost. Or will we have to wait for that?
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