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Originally Posted by Asiann
Hurricanes are getting worse and worse each year. Just a little FYI. I thought about living there but not with hurricane danger every year.

Fact File: 2005 Hurricane Season Wrap-up

The 2005 Hurricane Season

The 2005 hurricane season was the worst on record, with 14 hurricanes causing $46 billion in insured losses and three million claims, all record highs.

The season produced Katrina in August, the most costly and one of the deadliest hurricanes in U.S. history. According to preliminary estimates from ISO, insurers will pay out $34.4 billion in claims to victims of the storm. About one thousand people died as a result of Katrina.

Other hurricanes making landfall in the United States included: Dennis, a Category 3 storm that caused $1.1 billion in insured damage; Rita, a Category 3 hurricane that resulted in $4.7 billion in insured losses; and Wilma which made landfall in Florida as a Category 3 storm and caused $6.1 billion in insured losses.

Louisiana was the hardest-hit state, with $25.04 billion in insured losses, followed by Mississippi at $9.9 billion, Texas at $2.2 billion, Alabama at $1.5 billion and Florida at $1.3 billion.

You have volcanoes in Hawaii, and I would think that typhoons are a possibility there as well, which are just as bad as hurricanes.

Something tells me that I've survived enough hurricanes to not worry all that much. People in Tornado Alley have it much worse, and those of you that live near volcanoes or fault lines have it just as bad, if not as often. Hell, the same thing could be said of people who live up north where things like blizzards and ice damage occur.

Sorry, but I feel relatively safe here in South Florida.
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