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Originally Posted by Saosin17
east coast of southern florida is usually not hit extremely hard, i have a vacation home there and have not had a problem in 10 years, if it makes it to that point, usually it goes into the gulf, or it will stay far out and hit or skim the carolinas. not tryign to say florida doesnt get damage, but the stretch from say miami to jax seems to not get beat up too bad
Not only that, but Miami-Dade building codes are now some of the strictest in the country. After Andrew, things here are built to much better withstand hurricanes, which is alot more possible than say... trying to build something to survive an earthquake or tornado. Even if we suffered another direct hit from a storm as large as Andrew, I don't think we down here will ever see a repeat of the sheer extent of damage he caused.
The closest I can get to showing you my driveway...

I think that perhaps threads like this are the reason I don't visit E90Fanatics or E46Fanatics anymore.

Guy #1: "Hanz, I know zee window switches have always been next to zee shifter in zee 3er cars, but I think ve should move them to zee door!"
Guy #2: "But zee doors are already designed and ve do not have time to re-design them!"
Guy #1: "Just make it verk or you vill be verking over at VW!"