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Originally Posted by pawarrant
Because he is a politician. All politicians suck on this issue save a few house Republicans.
Well, that's the simplified version. Actually, the reason why our leaders havenít, and wonít ever, do anything about the Illegal Immigration Invasion is the mega-wealthy of the world ultimately control what our leaders do. The poor, uneducated and exploited Illegal Immigrants are a boon to businesses both big and small. The actual cost of these Illegal Immigrants is paid for primarily by state and local taxes. The feds don't pay shit. It's the helpless local taxpayers that have to pick up the tab. I say helpless because no matter who we vote for, our country will ultimately continue to be sold out. Nothing short of a full scale revolution would come close to stopping this, and that would ultimately fail. Itís sickening, is what it is. It makes me sick, it makes me sad and it makes me angry.
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