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Originally Posted by Rajrules View Post
I drive a 335i in the summer and in the winter up here in Canada. I am debating if I should get coilovers?

What the affects both positive and negative when driving a car with coilovers installed all year round? (summer,fall,winter,spring).
There are several more cost effective solutions out there if you are just trying to lower your car than forking over all that dough for coilovers.

I have KWv3 as it was the only solution for the XI at the time. In the winter I raise the car (you'll need an alignment), but its still a snowplow if you are in snow country and I lower it in the spring for the track (you'll need another alignment).

Other than the alignments and the rather low height, where you may run into some issues in the winter depending where you are, there are no disadvantages. They are rather pricey when compared to other suspension solutions. Bon chance.
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