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Thumbs up PROcede Rev 2 review from long time jb3 user

Im going to start out saying Im not a tuner nor am I a technical genius. Im just a dude that likes to tune his bmw and try out different things. so Im not trying to start a war. I am completely unbiased and was curious to try the procede since Ive had jb products for so long. I loved all of them especially the jb3 1.22 on map 6, great tune.

My car was already very fast I was curious as to the drivability of the procede vs jb3. I drove it for the first time this morning with the procede in it and I was blown away. so much in fact I had to go back home and get my asthma inhaler (havent used it in a long time)because it literally took my breath away with how fast it accelerated. The power started off strong and continued to get stronger and stronger all the way to redline. amazing!! The power delivery is creamy smooth and very linear.The engine feels lighter on its feet and more eager to rev quickly and smoothly.I also love the new growl it has..its addicting.The jb3 was more choppy and wasnt nearly as linear and predictable. power vs the two isnt much different but its the way you get that power that makes me sooo happy I finally tried it.The consistency is much better with this tune. The power is a bit stronger with the procede imo but like I said every pull was exactly the same and the boost gauge climbed perfectly up to max boost. peak recall never went over 15 no matter how hard the pull or violent the shift I LOVE THIS TUNE!!!.

The fuel economy during cruise went up by close to 3 mpg's as well. bonus! I know its a bit more expensive but trust me you guys HAVE to try this tune at some point. As far as my opinion goes with the experience first hand Ive had...the jb3 is a great tune but just plain not as good.The procede is a much better overall tune and its the only tune I need from now on.No exxageration.The difference was noticable the instant I touched the throttle.Its like heaven tuned my car...honestly it feels like it came from the factory with this power. Its like an m5 but with more lowend torque. just how I like it.

If you have a jb3 or any other tune for that matter you owe it to yourself to try this tune or at least take a drive with someone that has it. You will not be disappointed. trust can then pm me and tell me thanks.
btw I am on vishnu's latest map and my car is pre29.2 and I think its a doomsday map though. My car has only a helene drop in and always shell 93. 6/at tranny. I have no loyalties to either of these companies just so you know. Im just a guy who likes to go fast. Try it out and see for yourself. Im so excited to go drive this beast again.

Sorry to rant so much and for the long post Im just very excited with the way my car drives now. perfect in every way. Im reluctant to try new maps because I dont know how it can get any better. I drove it for nearly 3 hrs this morning in between errands...pure enjoyment. thanks for reading.

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