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Originally Posted by 10bmw10 View Post
im not gonna stay there for 4 when is the "majority" of the people gonna be there? night shots are great on top of bel sq lincoln center...plenty of light from lamps etc. either way ill show up but want to stay for maybe an hour or 2. or we could do a shoot at alki?
Originally Posted by hun77777 View Post
we'll set for 7 and whoever wanna make it early can come early but official meet will be 7 pm and we will take some pictures right there and then...

i know it will happen but hopefully not so many people show up 3, 4, 5ish and leave before 7...
^^^ What David said. Sun will probably be down by 5:30, so if time is a concern, we'll still be around later on. Sounds like only a few of us will be there earlier.

Originally Posted by hun77777 View Post
btw, i'd much rather go to parlor than M&S
I added The Parlor to the details. I can keep this thread updated with exactly where we are tomorrow.
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