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Originally Posted by bmw-hoya View Post
This may sound weak, but I didn't want the power outlets! It was too cluttered with them (I'm OCD). So, I just got rid of the ashtray.
I've considered doing the same thing. I agree somewhat with the "clutter" issue, I really have no actual need for the power plugs, and I hate the idea of splicing into the factory wiring. This counters somewhat my OCD-like desire to have every possible cool option installed onto the car - particularly ones that are normally available in the US.

Like you I've considered replacing just the ashtray - mainly out of principle. At least the rear ashtry seems somewhat like a storage compartment, and it does look very clean when closed. But, I still can't get over the fact that it's for cigarette ashes, which would never be in my car.... In my E39 there was a useless cupholder set in that same spot - I replaced that with a similar tiny and semi-useless open storage compartment and never ended up using it for anything. Again, the main goal was simply to remove the cupholders from the car....

Thanks for the pics. Even though I've got a black interior this gives me some idea of how it looks. If I decided to replace just the ashtray.