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Originally Posted by Zirenz2006 View Post
I agree he has been very influential. The copying of design cue's from BMW's by other manufacturers is very obvious.

raised trunk lid on current S class - very 6 & 7 series
raised trunk lid of Camry - see above
tail lights of Camry - 5 series Being behind a Camry from a distance has fooled me into thinking it was a 5 series.
I've seen the Hofmeister Kink copied numerous times in some fashion

I've always been a fan of Bangle. The trend setters always get shit on, then when others copy, suddenly that style looks good.
Exactly. Bangle is a designpioneer but never got the credits he deserved imo.
Originally Posted by CosmosMpower View Post
Yes, the M2 is 50 pounds lighter than the M4. You should know nerdy facts like that since you put top gear quotes about the M2 ring time in your signature.