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Thumbs down Rotora Customer Service

Hey guys,
I just wanted to share with you guys my experience with Rotora yesterday.

First off, I love my rotora brakes and this had nothing to do with the Calipers.
My issue is the people working at Rotora treating me like I'm a fricken idiot.

When I was installing the SS lines with the calipers, there were no instructions that came with the brake lines. During the brake installation, I needed to call to find out when installing the brake lines. There were 2 slots in the caliper--up or down. Vivid Racing told me that it didn't matter and it made sense since the line of trave is the same regardless.

I installed the rear brakes first and noticed that if the lines went up, there was a possibility of hitting the upper tesnsion rod so I chose to position them downward.
I also installed them downward in the fronts.

I drove there so they could see the splitting of the rubber at the base.
They said that they will check but they will charge me if the installation was my fault. That sounds subjective to me so I said, "can't you just look at it on the ground?"
He did, and as soon as he stuck his head underneath the car, he said, "oh yah, you installed them wrong."
I mentioned that if I would have installed them where they were pointing upward, they would have hit the upper tension rod.---No reply.

He went inside and printed out the instruction manual.
There was nowhere in the manual that said that the lines needed to be installed upward and not downward.
Yes, there was a picture of the line installed in that direction when the calipers were off the car but that could have been an option since either way was possible..remember?

I then said that if upward is the correct position then I would want the lines to be correct (even though they said that both ways were fine before, hence giving them the benefit of the doubt) I asked if they had a set of crush washers. He seemed confused.
I said that if I'm going to turn the lines around then I'm going to need another set of crush washers to prevent leaks.
It was this time where it was obvious that this guys was clueless.
He walked away saying that he would give me the crush washers for free.

He left and came back with a set for one side of the car.
I said that I'm going to need another set for the other side... DUH!
Why would I only do one side???

Once I said that I needed the set for the other side, the look on his face went blank, he roled his eyes, picked up a booklet and preceded to explain to me about how much a set of washers costs!!


This guy started to explain to me about how they are charging 4.99 for a set of washers that cost 30 cents at Home Depot!!

I threw the washers back on the desk and said that I didn't need them that bad.

"But,...I'm giving them to you for free"

How about that? A company making a customer feel guilty about getting a 30 cent part for free when they are selling calipers for 2 or 3 grand.

I walked out of there shaking my head.
Those guys are just so fricken clueless and their way of dealing with a customer is absolutely pathetic!
I really hope that the engineers designing the calipers aren't as clueless as the customer reps.

Think about this for a second...This must be their customer service model:

-The customer is wrong and installed the lines incorrectly no matter what we told them in the first place.
-Le'ts offer 1 for free of something that the customer needs 2 of.
-Once the customer asks for another set of what was givin for free, Procede to explain how generous you are being to this customer by letting them know how much this part costs.

This is one of those situations where you just had to be there, but I'll warn anyone that buys rotora brakes...

Buy them
Use them
But never talk to those guys for customer service because you'll go absolutely insane dealing with the idiocy of those guys!

BTW, this is the second time dealing with these guys with them giving crap info.

The first time was when Rotora told me about different pad manufacturers.
They gave me a list of different pads to use in my calipers and they were all wrong.
They are idiots!!
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