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AMS intercooler design for the 335/135

As many of you know we have been working on a line of products for the N54. With the exhaust system underway and turbo kit engineering starting any day now I thought I would drop some information on our front mount intercooler.

We have been producing quality intercooler cores for cars for over 7 years. Designing a core for a car isn't the easiest thing to do. Some might think the best way to go about this is shove the largest core possible in the space provided. That is not the case. You have to determine core construction like Bar and plate or tube and fin and also the volume of air passing through the core. Chose the wrong setup or dimensions and you can cause pressure drop. Too big and you can create added lag. Too small and it wont be as efficient or heat soak quickly. Choosing the right core is all about consistency. Ideally you want there to be a little variation between runs as possible and provide consistently cool intake air temps at the engine.

Not only did we choose a great core but we also did our homework and created some VERY free flowing endtanks. We are having them cast to aid in performance and to make sure this is a piece that will last.

The factory c-clip design is unique but we fear with the increased air that we are going to toss at the car with a GT35R that they might not be up to the challenge. This is why we will be including special silicone couplers and aluminum piping along with the intercooler to replace the factory C-clip setup.

Lastly price. With Everything we talked about above we are going to be able to offer this to the public for $1099.95. We might even have an introductory sale once we have units to release.

This core is being built to be used with those running the stock turbo or those looking to get into our turbo kit down the road.

expected release date is about 12-14 weeks.

and here is a CAD design of the core currently:


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