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Originally Posted by kmarei View Post
sounds nice
but in the time he was head of design
they made the worst looking BMW's in recent history (since the E30 days)
and this is a widespread view by many consumers and his peers
and most car websites/magazines
yes BMW sold more cars
but then again their cars were also above and beyond the competition
so i don't think the increase in sales was simply to having a huge butt (bangle butt) or the flame surfacing.

i love my M3
it gives me 10 times more enjoyment than my Audi A5 that i only owned for 6 months ever did
but based on looks alone, the M3 loses bigtime
i'm not saying its ugly, far from it
but if i gave the M3 7/10 the Audi would easily score a 9 for looks
and i got far more comments on the Audi's looks than the M3's

99% of your post is presented from a subjective standpoint. You are entitled to your aesthetic opinion, but nothing subjective is definitive. Sales speak for themselves, and it's not because the competition was that far behind.