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Actually, Hooydonk's direct design contributions to BMW include the Z09 concept and its direct production descendants, the E65 7 series and the E63 6 series. If anything Hooydonk is more resposible for the Bangle Butt than Bangle was, as he was the designer. Bangle, as head of BMW design when the E65 was released, was the point man and the public face of the new design, even though he didn't design it.

Interestingly, Hooydonk's design vocabulary has fallen out of favor, and it is Anders Warming's design laqnguage which now permeates the BMW lineup. His seminal design of the GINA concept introduced the Flame Surfacing concept which now drives BMW exterior design. With Hooydonk's elevation to Design Director of BMW Group, we may also see Warming move from Head of Exterior Design for BMW to take Hooydonk's previous position as Design Director for BMW.