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Originally Posted by abcommercial View Post
Oh, on the fold-down seats -- if I had that option on my car I might use, but I note that the used BMs with fold-down seats had really marred-up trim in the backseat from stuff bumping around. I also prefer keeping the bike behind the car, and not on top or inside.
I've had my 335 for 2 years now and I've been throwing road and mountain bikes in the back with the seats folded forward since the day I got it. There aren't any scuff marks anywhere except for a few along the plastic piece on the inner rearmost part of the trunk (but who cares). Every once in a while I'll get a little dirt on part of the rear seat but it's nothing a quick wipe of a towel or a vacuum won't fix. I like keeping the bike inside because it's secure. I don't have to worry about exposing my uber pricey carbon fiber MTB to all the baddies out there whenever I park.

Most people here would say they'd never buy a Lexus IS350 because they can't get it with a stick shift. As an avid cyclist, I say I'd never buy one because I can't get it with a folding rear seat. Infiniti G35/G37 for that matter, too.

Still, nice job on the hitch rack. One advantage they have over roof racks is no extra wind noise (and thus better gas mileage).