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Originally Posted by skimo
Thanks Bozo5221 !! Now I am really thinking of getting 330... or just upgrade to 17 wheels that seem about half price of the 18...

Youll want to punch me for bursting your bubble, but "swapping" is an ugly business on the consumers part...Get this, I was going to swap out my 16" 156's for a pair of 17" 161's and they wanted 2850 bucks...150 bucks less than the 18" 162's!! But the 161's cost MUCH less than the 162's if I bought them after the fact...ARRGHH!! :mad:

But the harsh reality is this..And it happens with EVERY car, EVERY accessory..these wheels will make it onto the "street" in 6 months or less...At that time, you will probably find a set of 162's for half that price on ebay, or some other medium...If you cant wait, save up and buy the 162's after the fact, and then sell the nice condition 156's on ebay or somewhere else..Youll recoup a lot more of your $$$ that way...

I sell a lot of cars and "other" things, so I never think swapping with the manufactirer is a good idea..