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Originally Posted by DerekS
Congrats on your choice !
As far as alternatives for the interior, have you seen grey poplar ? I think it looks much better than the al trim that scratches and dents very easily. I test drove a coupe this morning with this bright trim. It looks flashy,but it does reflect light into your eyes depending on the sunlight.
If you want to liven up the interior, consider saddle brown/burl walnut, or if you are really brave, go for the coral red/grey poplar. If you choose red exterior, you will be amongst a very few with this choice (see the E92 Poll thread).
Whatever combo you end up choosing, it will be a fabulous machine !!! :rocks:
DerekS -
Noticed you got Jade Gray interior......
Does the Jade Gray come with the black carpet / speaker housings in CA. It seems like all trims go very well with Jade.... What did you go with?

Would you or any other know if there is a way to order the Jade Gray in the US?