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Originally Posted by KBMW69 View Post
Like I said, dont be upset because I didnt sell you these wheels. Another buyer on the forum bought them. And I dont need the language either. The xbox 360 and the wheels were 2 totally different items I had for sale. I was never committed to sell you the wheels. I sold you the xbox and I said maybe about the wheels. CALM DOWN BUDDY. Just buy other used ones on the forum
I'm not upset that I didn't buy your wheels. I'm the one spending the money here. When you told me to give you a deposit for the wheels, that is a commitment in of itself to sell me the wheels. Do a little research on business ethics. You are such a liar. You told me that if I bought the xbox 360 as well, then you will do the wheels at a certain price so I bought the stupid thing as well to help you out since you were helping me out.

After a week and a half you tell me that your dad wants your wheels for his 2002 M5 since "I didn't tell my dad I was doing all of this and he wants them." (I still have the text you sent me and will be more than happy to publish it for the community to see.) You then tell me the money I gave you (which included the deposit for the wheels) is fair for the xbox and we should call it even. You are the worst person to deal with and you give a bad name to the e90 community as well as other forum users. I will buy the wheels from reputable users here on the boards like DKCharles who actually deserve business. And if another e90 user bought them, then I'm sure he will be glad to read the following:

Your wheels are curbed and the tires are not brand new and you know it. I hope you told the current buyer all of this since I have seen them in person and the buyer who is paying for your wheels and shipping costs has not seen them, but based on how you are, you probably told him: There is a little curb rash on one of the wheels and the tires are brand new. Lucky for me, I took close up pics of the damage you have, and I even told you that I would have to spend money on repairing the wheels, especially the front passenger one.

If you want to keep arguing with me then let's go because you are only digging yourself deeper.