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Question HELP: Need To Unlock a BlackBerry Curve 8330

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HELP: Need To Unlock a BlackBerry Curve 8330

Hey guys i know there's someone on this forum that can help me out with this tech problem or at least lead me in the right direction. There's soo many helpful members on this forum.

Here's my situation:
Last night my girlfriend's father passed away very suddenly due to a massive heartattack.
Now we're here trying to get in touch with friends, family, and important people but we don't have any contact numbers.
All of his phone number are in his phone.
His Phone is locked and we do not have the password.
We've tried all typical passwords such as the "0000", The last four digits of the phone number, the last four digits of his social, home address, ETC.
We've tried so many incorrect passwords now when you try to enter a password it says "This is you last attempt! One more incorrect attempt and all data will be erased!"

The phone is from Sprint so therefore there is no SIM card.
We already tried going to the Sprint store and explaining to them the situation with hopes someone there could bypasss the password and get us to the contacts or even give us a printout.
They were no help and said that there isn't anything they can do to get in the phone.
I really find that hard to believe. People hack iPhones and make them usable for Tmobile. . . I don't believe there isn't someone that can get around the phones password lock.
Thanks in advance for your help or suggestions guys!