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Originally Posted by xPaulBaiLeyx View Post
That's what i thought.
This is a corp. device so we're going to have someone at his office take a look.
Hopefully someone there in IT has figure it out
OK, make sure it keeps a charge, if the battery drops low, the radio will turn off and you wont be able to get the OTA password. keep it on the charger. once the radio turns off due to battery level, charging it wont turn it back on automatically, and you'll be locked out for good.

Depending on how familiar their IT people are with blackberries, they should know how to do this, but just in case.....

their IT people need to go into the blackberry manager console.
if its a 4.1.X BES, right click on the user, then choose "Set Password and Lock Handheld"

it may take anywhere from 0 to 5 minutes for the blackberry to get the password reset.

the blackberry will pop up a screen asking if you want to accept the OTA password. yes.
then you should be able to get into the blackberry, IIRC, this will also reset the failed attempts counter.
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