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Originally Posted by footie View Post
Did you happen to read the post I write above?????

You really have to understand what Audi did to Lamborghini, to come out with a statement that Audi built the R8 because of Lambo's help is so, so far from the truth it shows how biased you really are. The chassis/shell for the Gallardo is built by Audi and shipped to the Lamboghini factory, the Gallardo engine is an Audi design, both current Lambo models were design and developed with Audi's help.

I am not denying that if BMW did decide to follow it through and build a supercar it would be amazing, their M3 has been at the top since it's launch and it even now can compete with the 997s on trackdays. I am only pointing out that the way Audi went about the developing and marketing probably aided their acceptance and success with the R8 into this very competitive market. I just feel that for BMW to try it on their own will be the trickier path to take and might not succeed.

I don't think BMW need a supercar in the way that Audi did, they are already recognized as an accomplished chassis design on great driver focused cars. Their image is already up there, so it would be foolhardy to waste all that development money in an exercise to boost some executives ego.
Yes, I read your post again, and you still don't seem to get the M1 is not applicable to what BMW would do with a supercar / mid-engine sports car today. You keep saying they failed already, a matter of perspective, and implying they would fail again in this segment. Audi did not succeed on their first try as you are saying, because they never built their own car.

Buddy, there is no bias the fact is the R8 is based on the Gallardo. That is pretty clear cut, isn't it? The R8 is not some car Audi came up with on their own deriving amazing results. The R8 is a re-skinned Gallardo with a weak motor and embarassing performance for the price, PERIOD. I don't deny Audi helped and supplied parts and so forth, but they had plenty of time to sit and wait and see how the Gallardo did before pushing forward with their version of it. Plus, if the Gallardo failed, Audi could wash their hands of it.

If the R8 came out before the Gallardo, all your talk about Audi succeeding with a supercar (if you want to make that stretch, it isn't one) might have some merit. Don't get me wrong, I love the car, but it is what it is.

I don't think a supercar is necessary for BMW. As I said, something along the lines of a new Z8 would be nice. I would love to move to something more upscale than the M3 but BMW has no better drivers car for me to move to. That would necessitate moving to a different brand unfortunately, so there is a hole in the lineup.