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Originally Posted by footie View Post
It's maybe a difference in how we view the success. You see it as Audi re-badging a Gallardo (as I also stated) and nothing more but I believe Audi took the decision several years ago when they purchased Lamborghini to eventually build their own supercar and that the RS4 engine was only developed as a N/A to first showcase they too are capable of truly great engines and I believe was always destined for the R8. You may say it performance in both the RS4 and R8 isn't that great, that is debatable but if so it's not the engine that's at fault but the extra weight and awd system both are having to carry. Point is I believe the purchase of Lambo was a means to an end for Audi get their own supercar and reagrdless of how you view it the car has been a sales success and has been accepted as supercar in it's own right, giving Audi's imagine a much needed boost along the way.

I am pretty sure if Audi hadn't done it the way they did the R8 would also have fell flat on it's face just like the original M1 did. I just think it's a risk that BMW don't need to take just to prove to the world that they are capable.


Hopefully the 5.2L V10 will readdress the performance issues that DO plague the baby R8. Though there is no denying that the rest of the car is very capable with handling that is probably better than either Gallardo or the F430.

But enough about the R8, I have explained how I reckon BMW should go about it and no one has to agree with me which is quite alright.
The 5.2 liter V10 coming definitely signals the chassis needed more power to begin with. The R8, despite their claims, is not a base 911 competitor as it is way too much money to be one. It is 911 turbo money... and well... if you are going to price yourself like Porsche you better perform like Porsche. Issue now is, with the V10, why not just step up and get the Lambo?

I think Audi planned to use Lambo to bolster their own image all along. If Audi was going to produce a mid-engine sports car to rival the 911 without having anything like Lambo to support it, people would think that was a joke. Without Lambo, Audi couldn't do it, and vice versa I suppose. Although a Lambo is always a Lambo with or without Audi.

The M1 falling flat on its face? Bit of a different market then, and it is highly collectible and had a far more limited run. It was simply a different kind of car atmosphere and a different era. It can be viewed as successful simply based on its legacy. It WAS a supercar, the R8 isn't. The R8 wasn't built for homologation purposes as the M1, and the M1 WAS a racing success. The R8 is a marketing exercise. I don't see how the M1 fell on its face, it did what it was designed to do.