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just another bmw douche bag

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Originally Posted by pdjafari View Post
wow, so many noobs on this forum. 16-18 year olds who think they have an understanding of the mechanics of how a car works....sometimes I want to go buy an american muscle car so I can converse with people who are true gear heads...

sadly, just because someone owns an american muscle car, doesn't mean they possess any more knowledge about cars than someone who may own a bmw or honda. Like the guy I saw at the track with a built corvette, claiming that the porsche in front of him was smoking because, as he put it "I'm pretty sure you dropped a valve".

And in this case, many cars have an e-brake system built into the rear caliper (or drum), so it wouldn't be outrageous for someone with only general car knowledge to think that driving with the e-brake on would have an ill effect on the rear brakes. Because from a mechanical standpoint, that would be valid on most cars.