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Originally Posted by Bimmer Loyalist View Post
I understand what you're saying. True points, and I'd like for this not to be an Audi/BMW thread as well.

I just want to address that the M1 failure was more of Lamborghini's wrong-doing than BMW's. BMW handed the car over to Lambo. Lamborghini's financial situation forced them to hand the car back over to BMW after only seven prototypes were built. It's mostly a matter of poor coordination between the two companies, not simply BMW.

It's not fair to draw comparisons and say that BMW fell flat on its face with its first attempt and compare it to the R8. Different times, different financial situations (although I guess they're pretty similar right now), and Lambo ended up hurting, not aiding, development.
I am not denying that Lamborghini were to blame for what happened with the M1 but while people remember your successes it is your failures that are most remembered, especially if you are trying to break into a new market and base that new model on this previous failure.

My opinion is that Audi learned from the M1 and decided to approach getting their own supercar differently which definitely worked. Your comments speaks volume, I don't hear you viewing the R8 as a cheap Gallardo copy but it's equal at a lot less money. It's viewed to be just as desirable.

No one, especially me has said that BMW don't have the skills but I doesn't believe it's either the right time or necessary for BMW to make a supercar.

Though if they made an ultra economical supercar that just might make all the difference. I reckon Audi were on to something when the showed the R8 v12 diesel, the world is crying out for something totally different and individual, maybe BMW should look down this avenue.