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Originally Posted by E90ice View Post
He probably got cocky having an SUV and did something....

Anyway, if I can drive nicely for days with Michelin PS's should a guy in an AWD SUV with All Season or Winter tires....but some morons never learn...I see them all the time

P.S I had so much fun driving home from work today at 3 am with no traffic .... it's really addictive...

Sometimes the problem is going down (especially in an SUV). No matter the driver or the car sometimes you just cannot do it. I am an experienced snow driver (lived in the Northeast and Chicago) and with my 335xi I can go up and down and around in the snow no problem (until the ice potholes get so deep you bottom out ). I also have a GMC Sierra 4x4 with 300lbs in the bed and snow tires for traction and no matter what, that sucker will not go down a hill in a controlled fashion. It is so heavy that it just starts to slide even when it is parked.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has changed their mind now that it has continued to snow in Seattle.