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iDRIVE SCREEN TOTALLY OFF & doesn't turn back on

My E90 has 50384 miles and sure enough, the i-drive went totally dead for the 1st time ever. I quickly came to E90post and started searching posts (as always do with any BMW problems). Well, I let the car off for about 30 minutes and tried again. Unfortunately, it's still dead. Nothing works, no radio, no navigation, no eject, etc. I will call the dealer tomorrow and hope they don't rip me off. Hopefully it's just a stupid fuse (wishful thinking), but I'm afraid it may be more than that. Anyone has any idea what to expect or anyone has an idea on how to fix? Or which fuse should I be checking? My car is an 06 330xi.


BTW, I posted the same message in I-DRIVE but I don't know if that was the right forum to post it. Any replies will be greatly appreciated.
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