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Originally Posted by 2GPP
I agree, it was a hard decision for me to go for another diesel after the 530d -but the mileage I do makes it hard to justify a petrol the moment anyway. i do miss the sound of the straight 6. I drive the wifes car now and again (E46 320ci sport) nice car nice sound - just not enough power to have fun with though!
My 330d Sport is long overdue a trip to the west coast of Scotland (near where I come from) for a good "blat" on some great roads!

I watched the BBC Top Gear video last night of Clarkson driving the 535d round the track - it is a quick car....can not wait to try that engine in an E90!

Got the first oil change tommorow morning - 18k - not bad for a diesel!
Thing is - the 535d doesn't have the same engine as the 335d.

The 535d is based on the old 218 bhp used in the first e60 530d's.

The 335d is based on the new 231 bhp lightweight aluminium engine with piezzo electric ignition used in the current 330d and 530d.

The 335d is going to be a LOT quicker than the 535d - in fact it's probably going to be quicker than the 335i and the 550i. In short it's going to be a little monster.

That's BEFORE you get it tuned by DMS