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Originally Posted by Victor.L3IchibanM3
Fuck No!!! Rude Sob And Most Of Them Are Really Cocky!!!!!
i 2nd this.......i didn't order my soon to arrive 2007 335i coupe from scbmw because they are......, just like what you said above. i know how some people don't like to be harass by ca's once you step foot on the lot, but at least make some effort to acknowledge the customer's presence. i was waiting outside the lot on a very HOT day for at least 25 mins until my buddy had to break up a smoking/chatting session by 2 ca's. and believe me, they saw us when we arrived because my buddy's wife dropped us off in their big yellow hummer. to make matters worst, the guy seemed pushy during the test drive. like he wanted us to end it asap. many of our questions were unanswered and when i asked how much discount, he sarcasticly said none. that's when i said see you guys later......... i wouldn't say all of them are like that, but they seriously have to re-evaluate their whole sales approach. oh well, all is good now...