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Where to live in Florida????

Ok this is no where near definite yet its just been floated in front of me that my company may be offering me a a relocation package to Florida to take over a Northern Florida territory.

So I dont have all the details yet, but I would be working from home, although I have to be in somewhat close distance to all the people under me (I mean I dont HAVE to but I dont want to drive a ton either).

The areas that the people under would be in are Tampa, Orlando, Clearwater, Jacksonville (which I know is out further but I just want to be close to the majority of the people not all of them).

So my first thoughts are Clearwater, I have been there before, its nice etc. But I would also like to look at some places on the east coast as well. I have friends who live in West Palm and Miami, not like I will be close but I will be closer to them if I am on the east coast vs the west. Problem is I know nothing about the east coast except for West Palm, Boca, Miami etc but all of those are to far.

So I noticed Melborne, Palm Bay and Cocoa but I have never heard anything about them.

I was going to rent, but with how low pricing has gone down in FL I may just buy a place.

Help me out! Thoughts please

PS I am in my late 20's and single, oh and no matter where I live a garage is a must and I would prefer a water view if possible.