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Originally Posted by Seminole View Post
That is all Central/South Florida. North is usually considered Jacksonville west to Pensacola.

It really depends where you want to live and what your budget is. There are nice areas in every location, South Tampa, Clearwater Beach, St. Pete Beach, and some areas of Brandon for the Tampa area. Then in the Miami-Dade Broward County areas you have places like Weston, Miramar, etc. The downside is that from MD&B it is a 3-31/2 hour drive to the Tampa Area.

I would stay away from Orlando. It is very touristy and everyone I know from there goes nuts.
Yea i know thats not really North Florida but that is what our company calls it, anything North of Clearwater is North Florida and anything South of it is South Florida they dont separate it into North/Central/South. So I would be living in the South end of North Florida. I would move to Miami in a second but its just to far.

Oh I am not going to Orlando at all, I am saying some of the territory my people cover is Orlando, Disney themselves is a huge client.

If I am going to live on the West side I will be in Clearwater or Tamap most likely Clearwater that I already know. But if I decided to go on the East side I still (and talking coast like almost view of the water coast) need to be close enough to drive to Clearwater, Tampa and Orlando, the guy in Jacksonville oh well I will get there once in a while maybe once a month lol.