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Thanks for the criticisms. As im said im still LEARNING!!! so im not expecting them to be perfect im experimenting and doing stuff via trial and error so i dont think 'every1' will think its the perfect shot.

Anyway heres another one of the top this better Remmib i know your shots are normally very crisp, wud be nice to have good advice from a master like yourself

Version 1 above and Version 2 below

Originally Posted by remmib View Post
Car looks great.

But in my screen, the front of the car looks too 'highlighted'.
u know what im not sure what i did! but maybe?!

Originally Posted by Sniz View Post
looks over processed to me, car in the 1st pic looks dull and washed it my monitor?
christ u lot are never happy lol lets see what u can do then!!!

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Very Nice, sir!

Car is looking gorge as usual - love the detail in these shots - from the stonework on the building to the tread on the tyres! They look almost like HDR shots - great effect, looking forward to some more.

Might have to get my bucket and sponge out this weekend if it stops raining for more than five minutes
Thanks mate. nah not HDR, dunno how to do that yet lol. think i tried once in my room but not at a particular subject.

Matt get your ass to UK7!