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Originally Posted by amazanman1 View Post
Just put the wheels on, had to pay $300 for the front tire to be replaced because it had a bubble on it I didn't notice when I opened the packages....
Kyle had told me that the tires were "perfect", would have appreciated knowing that one of them had a bubble in the tire that would cause it to be useless...

Called Kyle and left him a text message saying I wasn't pissed off, but I thought it would be fair if he sent back $100 of my money since I had to pay $300 to buy a replacement tire from discount tire.

No response yet, I guess I'm just finding out what all you guys were talking about... didn't think the tires were a bad deal until I had to replace one of them. Just disappointed with someone not being truthful in the first place.

Oh yeah, and he did tell me that only one of the wheels had a little curb rash, but all four have curb rash on them, so whoever posted that was right on about that.

Again, disappointed, would not buy from this kid again...
Sorry about that. Wish you would take everyone's warnings before you bought from him.

PS. Guess you're not the same guy as I previously thought.