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Originally Posted by teleopti View Post
sux man. file a paypal claim against him and say the products are not as described as clearly they weren't. I stil have pictures of the wheels and can give you them if they will help your case. Don't let him get off that easily and don't expect him to send any money to you as he won't.

Let us know if we can help. He gives a bad name to honest forum users.

Its amazing how he is too much of a coward to man up and deal with it as well.
Coward is a good description of this kid. No integrity, outright liar, and scammer. Sorry that I wasn't able to warn the wheel buyer earlier - I didn't realize how bad he was until it was too late. And BTW - I know that those tires have over 15,000 miles on them - they're the original RFTs that came with the car. Can't imagine there's too much life left in them and perhaps "perfect" was a bit optimistic, eh? The buyer should also give him negative feedback - just click on the iTrader number...

Based on some investigative information I got on him (I won't divulge all of it) I believe he's only 19 and to give him the benefit of the doubt (which I really shouldn't) - he's just young, immature, and has absolutely no clue about good business acumen, integrity, and standing behind his word. Screwing people is no big deal to him and he puts on a pretty good game face. He will soon find out that what goes around comes around.