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My fault, first time buying off this forum, sent him cash in the form of a money order from my bank because he insisted he didn't want paypal because they would "charge too much in fees" on his money, don't really have any kind of recourse.

But hey, I learned my lesson, will never do that again.

Tires have a decent amount of tread left, definitely not brand new, but whatever, I made a mistake and was naive, my fault, time to man up about it. I'm an adult and should have known better, just thought there would be honor among people that love bimmers so much, but hey, me being stupid here.

Funny that he's not responding to these posts, after I got the tires he sent me a text asking how they were, after I responded saying they were okay except they had more curb rash then he had described and 1 tire had a bubble in it, he hasn't responded.

Like you said, just an immature kid, he'll mess with the wrong guy and definitely learn his lesson, what goes around comes around....

Karma's a bitch.