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Originally Posted by Higgs1 View Post
at least it doesn't continuously beep like the seat belt warning light :-/

my boss drove with me last week & decided not to put on his seatbelt (dumbass) and the whole ride (its only like 3 minutes down the road) the damn seat belt warning light was beeping, and he asked "what is that damn beeping" i told him & he still didn't put it on....moron
That's when you tell him to put it on or find another ride. I don't ever let people ride in my car without a seatbelt. I dont feel like having a friend die if there was an accident and know my whole life that I was driving. I've never understood what some people have against seatbelts.

Anyway, yeah, I find this annoying too. The light does come on a bit early and the only way you can see the time is to hit the button. Even worse, I've found TPM is extremely sensitive, and I guess I have one tire that's just the slightest bit low and sets it off when it's cold in the morning, but if I reset it after driving even a mile it's warmed up and expanded enough to turn off. I keep meaning to stop for air but I just haven't yet. It does the same thing, blocking the time with a warning.
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