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Originally Posted by avilla926 View Post
This explanation of changing brakes is GREAT! Thanks for the pictures too. I have a 335i with 58K miles and the brake light indicator came on to change the rear brakes. I'll change the brakes and reset the service light. My question is: Do I need to replace the brake sensor when I change the rear brakes? or is the brake sensor reusable (assumming it's in good condition)? Does the sensor get worn out with the brakes? I want to make sure the red brake service light goes away once I'm done with the brake change. Thanks for your help!
The brake service light will not go off till u change ur brake sensor. Once the pads are worn to a certain depth, it would expose the sensor and when it grinds against the disc, the light will come on. It will not go away, cuz I tried doing a reset myself. Its only when I changed the brakes and the sensor, then the light will go away.